Full Spectrum CBD Products



Created gently using state-of-the-art co2 extraction technologies with only premium flower.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Peppermint or Natural
500mg $60

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Peppermint or Natural
1000mg $80

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Peppermint or Natural
2000mg $100

CBD Salves

Starting @ $45

Interested in the UNEEK Business Opportunity?

At UNEEK, we respect and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit. This led us to the decision to sell our products through Independent Distributors. We encourage and support those who want to “go into business for themselves but not by themselves.” The UNEEK Independent Distributor program is attractive to those who desire to enter into the health and wellness industry and, specifically, the rapidly expanding CBD retail market without having to put up large financial capital…UNEEK has that part covered!

Should you choose to become a UNEEK Independent Distributor, you will be given all the tools you need to succeed. You will be provided with a user-friendly back office and your own replicated site. You will also have access to a library of digital training content on everything from the basics of the endocannabinoid system, to the benefits of CBD, to the nuts and bolts of sales.  All for you to utilize at your convenience.

At UNEEK we believe the compensation structure should abide by this one principle: you get paid for performance! We have developed a very simple, very generous compensation plan that does just that. You will never have quotas, never have to worry about understanding terms like: right leg, left leg, binary, matrix or the like. You sell it…you get paid. Its that simple. In fact, UNEEK pays up to 100% of the profit value of each and every product! UNEEK’s compensation plan is so simple, we are willing to share it openly.

CBD Oil Wholesale Buyers Program

Do you own your own store? Have your own website? Looking for product to sell either online or in person? We have a great wholesale CBD Oil program that let’s you maximize your profits.

What’s are the requirements?

  • Buy at wholesale, and sell at retail pricing, the difference is yours to keep.
  • Maintain your own sales
  • Stay in touch with your customers
  • Process your own orders
  • Provide your own customer service
  • This option doesn’t provide a 1099k sales tax form since you are buying wholesale.
  • Please make sure to have a credit card processing company established since there are restrictions on using certain payment gateways

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What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is an amazing compound found in cannabis, however the vast majority of cannabidiol is extracted from hemp. Hemp is a commonly used term for strains of the cannabis sativa plant with very low levels of THC. Hemp has a long history of use in various products all over the world.

What is the Difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

While both hemp and marijuana are both species of cannabis, they are very different in terms of uses. Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, refers to a cannabis sativa which is known for its low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

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